Why we do it

We love heirlooms, artifacts, and exhibitions 

We’re creative engineers, imagining systems

We’re into rigging and shipping, tricking out galleries 

Hanging art in homes, hotels, and factories 

We’re curious about curios, relics and studios 

Red orange yellow, blue green indigo 

Whatever it is, we’ll help make it brighter 

We’re machine-shop, one-stop, all-purpose providers 

We fabricate furniture and museum spaces 

We’ll make it all at once, or do it in stages 

We hammer and paint, sculpt and build 

Restore and repair, refurbish with skill 

We rise in the morning to put up fixtures 

And into the evening, we’re painting pictures

We’ll fix it with widgets, trash it if you ask

Do electrical, practical, fantastical tasks

We’ll ready your art for its new destination

We’ll pack it and even provide transportation

And once it’s there, we’ll do the installation

Always looking to exceed all expectations

If you’ve got too much art, we know how to store it 

We always work hard—we’re much better for it

Our medium is everything, technology’s our tool

Pursuing perfection, our number-one rule

Securing it, moving it—we’re always meticulous

Making it, building it—the world is our canvas

May all of life’s portraits cover all open surfaces

Everything’s beautiful. We’re MMD Services.