Fine art services

Silver Art Piece
For art’s sake

Installation is just the beginning

We are wherever art is. And we see art everywhere. We help move it, make it, and hang it. We bring it to life, fabricate it, install it, transport it, and even protect it in our 5,000 square-foot climate-controlled facility. And we ensure that it will be seen and adored—in the best light.

Art In Tree
Museum Crate Standing
Large Art Installation with Forklift Sq
Art Installation

More art. More places.

The fine art of installing art was our first specialty. Today we have a team of trained installation specialists who are as precise as they are personable. We’ve relocated museums and installed art of every imaginable variety for corporations, national galleries, and private collectors.

Anthony Goicolea • David LaChapelle • Ryan Trecartin • Gerhard Richter • Richard Avedon • Dornith Doherty • Richard Serra • Erick Swenson • Jay Shinn • George W. Bush

Heavy Weight Item
Sculpture Rigging

We’re heavyweight champions

If you’re looking to hang oversized sculptural art pieces, our team will make light work of it. We love big machines and have the expertise to handle statue installs, environmental displays, and other XL jobs with extra care.


Protect it in transit

This is where experience matters. For nearly two decades, we’ve employed the techniques and materials that ensure the art in our care arrives safe and sound. For cases where a hard-shelled structure is a must, we offer crating, cases, and 2D and 3D packing. And our soft packing option provides structural support and protection without the bulk of a crate. All our materials are industry-approved and effective for art on the move. We can also supply the following:

  • Collar boxes, cushioned wrap, risers, boxes, dollies, carts, and wrapping blankets.
  • Archival tapes and sheeting (Dartek, Tyvek, Glassine)
  • Corrugated sheeting (cardboard)
  • Travel frames, brace packs, and skeletal/slat crates
Handle With Care

Handled with care

Whether your art is traveling with you, or you’re booking transportation services with us, we deliver the protection you need. Our custom-built crates provide internal and external protection for cross-country, international, or local trips. Depending on your need, we’ll provide everything from standard safe-and-secure packs to air-tight crates that offer an effective micro-climate for absolute protection. Find the right crating for your unique transportation or environmental need.

  • The standard pack
  • Corrugated boxes
  • Foam sheet boxes
  • Travel frames
  • Brace packs
MMD transportation truck

Boldly go

The best way to get from point A to point B is with MMD. Our professional transportation team offers safe, secure services using our fleet of premium vans and trucks. Short- and long-haul moving is available anywhere within the southern United States.

Storage Facility Door

Keeping the piece.

Located in northwest Dallas, our 5,000 square-foot climate-controlled storage facility can accommodate fine art and other articles with state-of-the-art security around the clock. 

  • Gallery collections
  • Corporate and residential collections
  • Museum artifacts
  • Large and oversized pieces
  • Precious objects

I have worked with Monte Martin for 16 years. MMD Services is my go-to team for all of my art installation needs. They have helped me problem-solve the toughest jobs and they always provide a professional service, keeping in mind that in our business flawless and conscientious work is of the highest priority.

Cris Worley
Cris Worley Fine Arts
Dallas, Texas